mHealth App National Workshop

06 March 2019
Hempsons, 100 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7AN
12:30 - 16:45

The NHS and national health bodies across the world are revolutionising services through the integration of digital health solutions, leading to more patient-centred and efficient care.  Frameworks guide the identification of health apps that will safely make the biggest impact in terms of improving outcomes.  

As a developer, it can be hard to know what technical requirements and evaluation will be imperative, and how to navigate the system to ensure the right people know about your innovation. 

This workshop aims to give developers clear guidance, helping to get to the right market with the right product, fit for NHS and worldwide quality standards.   

Come and be part of the day, to learn:

  • What the app accreditation landscape is across the UK, EU and globally
  • What interoperability and data sharing with clinical data sets is and what it means for you?
  • How to get traction in the NHS and the public sector
  • How to build a ROI case for your product

The day will consist of quick pace presentations followed by panel discussions. Be ready with your questions!

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