Preparing your NHS Business Case

19 July 2018
Discovery Building, BioCity Nottingham Pennyfoot Street Nottingham, NG1 1GF United Kingdom

This free interactive training course on ‘Preparing your NHS Business Case’ will enable you to prepare better business cases with input from NHS staff. You will also learn about:

– What is a business case, what is its purpose and why it is so important?

– Who reviews the business case and how are they evaluated from a commissioning point of view?

– How to construct a good business case

The Challenge as a supplier to the NHS is often that when you have a product which from your perspective improves patient outcomes and saves cost you still cannot get it adopted by the NHS. This is often because there is not a fully developed business case, without this a group within the NHS interested in taking on board a new product or service are unlikely to get approval of the case for change before procurement of the innovation can proceed.

Organisations that supply to the NHS are often challenged by the process, timescales, evidence and documentary requirements. This can often seem like an unnecessary complication, or simply a reason to not issue a purchase order. A good business case is fundamental to successful adoption and developing a long term business partnership. Preparing the business case can also be difficult for your NHS contacts because they are busy or not experienced in their preparation and often even more difficult for companies with little or no experience of the process.

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