Selling (Your Business) Before Brexit

31 January 2019
The Jaguar Visitor Centre, Castle Bromwich, Chester Road, Castle Vale, Birmingham B35 7RA
12pm – 3pm

Selling Your Business in a Post-Brexit World

Selling your business is an exciting yet turbulent time, but what will it be like making the sale of a lifetime in a post-Brexit world?

We know it’s most ideal to sell your business when the market is up – but who can predict where the market will be in the next two years with Brexit looming? It’s an added element in the difficult decision of when to sell, or exit, your business.

We’re getting together clever people in the fields of taxation, law, financing, pensions and property to give you some need-to-know advice and their opinions on the market and what to consider if you are thinking of selling your business in 2019.


The event is taking place on Thursday 31 January 2019, 12pm – 3pm at the fabulous Spitfire Room at Jaguar Visitor Centre.

Email Sam to reserve your space: