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  • Welcome to the NHS Confederation factsheet giving an overview of major trends and challenges facing the acute sector. The information has been compiled on NHS trusts and foundation trusts (FTs) that provide secondary care services including A&E and major surgical procedures.
  • During the school holidays in summer 2015, Medilink WM successfully delivered a Traineeship programme for twenty young people in the West Midlands region. The Traineeship was designed to comply with all programme parameters set out by BIS, however, uniquely it linked up the 2 critical elements that make up the commercial aspect of the medical sector; placement within the NHS combined with placement in a Medically related industry SME. The eight week programme was developed to give 16-18 year olds an awareness of the careers available within the Life Science sector and also to help prepare them for the working environment. The Medilink Traineeship Programme was a resounding success for all parties involved. Twenty students started the programme on the 22nd of June and all twenty students finished the programme on the 28th August. To find out more about the Medilink WM Traineeship Programme download the full report.
  • NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) today launch a new publication showing how CCGs in England’s Core Cities are taking up the challenge set out in the Five Year Forward View and transforming the way in which healthcare is delivered to the benefit of their local population. Developing new partnerships, ensuring equity of care across diverse populations, improving wellbeing, and finding better ways to provide healthcare services are the key themes of the report Transforming healthcare in England’s core cities. The report also sets out changes that could be made centrally to support CCGs including ensuring genuine independence for local commissioning, giving flexibility when it comes to contracting services, and improving data sharing.
  • Welcome to the Monitor Deloitte report on Digital Health. This is one of a series of reports reflecting work commissioned by Office of Life Sciences in March 2015 on key healthcare and life science industry segments in the United Kingdom. Digital Health is an emerging industry arising from the intersection of healthcare services, information technology and mobile technology. Digital health innovations are only just starting to be more widely accepted as necessary for the future of efficient healthcare service delivery. As we address the behaviour, social, legal and technical challenges, over time, digital health advances have the potential to help increase access, decrease healthcare system costs and improve health outcomes. This report analyses trends in the digital health industry based on discussions with stakeholders, literature reviews and our work across the sector. It focuses on the United Kingdom but in the context of the global market and draws on examples from other countries. The report considers the challenges to growth, barriers to adoption, shifting dynamics and how the emergent industry is developing. The intention is to provoke discussion and offer readers an overview of the industry challenges and dynamics in the United Kingdom.
  • This Short Guide from the National Audit Office summarises what the Department of Health and its arm’s-length bodies do, their costs, recent and planned developments, and what to look out for across the main business areas. The guide provides data and information on key facts, trends, Department spending, spending levels, potential years of life lost, staff and pay, staff attitudes and engagement, major programme and developments and key themes from National Audit Office (NAO) reports across NHS Services, Adult Social Care Services, Public Health and Regulation and oversight.