Competition Brief: Vaccines for Global Epidemics - Clinical

02 March 2017

The competition scope
This competition will support projects seeking to develop candidate vaccines and vaccine platform technologies at the clinical stage. The aim is to enable an effective and rapid response during future outbreaks of disease. The UK Vaccine Network has identified 12 pathogens as a priority:
• chikungunya
• Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever
• ebola
• hantavirus
• lassa fever
• Marburg virus
• Middle East respiratory syndrome
• nipah
• plague
• Q fever
• Rift Valley fever
• zika

We will support the clinical development of candidate vaccines up to and including phase IIb trials. The competition funders will also consider co-funding phase III trials, either with industry or other philanthropic or government funders. This would include, where it is feasible, through epidemiology to show the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine in natural disease conditions.

Find out if you are eligible to apply
This competition is open to academic, industry and government bodies. You must demonstrate that your product has a realistic route to exploitation. However, we recognise that this is a complex procedure, given the priority diseases listed.

Funding and project details
This competition is a single-stage SBRI. It is wholly funded by UK Official Development Assistance through the Department of Health.

We have allocated £35 million for the clinical development of vaccines up to and including phase IIb trials. We expect that individual contracts will be worth up to £3 million. However, we will consider making larger awards on a case-by-case basis. We expect projects to last between 24 and 36 months.

If the Department of Health does not distribute the entire £35 million available, the competition will reopen in 2018.

Find out more information and how to apply here.