EAHSN: Suicide prevention innovation exchange

22 August 2018

What innovations and approaches are available to support suicide prevention within Eastern England?

Though suicide rates in the UK have been falling over recent years[1], behind every statistic there is an individual story that impacts upon our regions families and communities. 

Eastern AHSN is working with an advisory panel of clinical experts, people with lived experience and innovators to develop and oversee an innovation exchange focussed on suicide prevention.

The panel have reviewed evidence from literature reviews, national case studies and individual stories to develop three challenge statements.

A challenge statement describes a complex problem we face and provides some guidance on what a good outcome would look like. 

The Process

Eastern AHSN are now looking for innovators who have potential solutions to the challenges to submit an expression of interest.  The expressions of interest will be reviewed by the advisory panel and the most promising solutions will be invited to attend a development event in the Autumn to meet representatives from the health and care system who are experiencing the challenges directly.

The Challenge Statements

1. Can innovations help people who have attempted suicide to be offered ongoing contact and / or support in an effective and affordable way?
2. Could we use the internet, smart phones and other technology to identify and signpost help for those thinking about suicide?
3. Are there innovative approaches to help address underlying factors such as social isolation that increase the risk of suicide?

The challenge statements describe the specific problem we are focussing in on and starts to describe what good outcomes could look like. To download the challenge statements please click here.

Submitting an Expression of Interest

If you believe you have a solution that would help address one or more of the three challenges identified, please click here to visit Meridian to find out how you can submit an expression of interest.