Groundbreaking accelerator launches for medtech entrepreneurs

12 April 2018

Innovation platform will help UK healthcare companies with global ambitions

• HS accelerator programme will build and scale UK health-tech businesses with global ambitions
• It will help corporates drive healthcare innovation and connect with partners
• Programme was founded by NHS doctors, entrepreneurs and start-up advisors

A ground-breaking new accelerator programme has been launched for businesses using technology to tackle the world’s most-pressing healthcare challenges.

The ‘HS.’ programme will build and scale healthcare technology businesses, help larger organisations drive healthcare innovation at a corporate level, and position the UK at the forefront of innovation in global healthcare.
More than $23billion has been invested in healthcare start-ups globally over the past seven years.

However, few accelerator programmes are in place to sustainably launch and scale these health-tech businesses; and even fewer are able to offer their members deep insights and guidance on how to successfully bring healthcare technologies to market.

HS will fill this gap, with a programme built around the needs of health-tech start-ups and an unparalleled team of healthcare experts and mentors.

The accelerator aims to bring the most-talented individuals and most-innovative companies together to work on solutions for the world’s-largest healthcare problems.

Dr Alex Young, chief executive and co-founder of HS, said: “We’re approaching a pivotal moment in something that affects every one of us, every day: our health.

Healthcare is on the cusp of radical transformation and for the first time we will soon begin taking charge of our own health data.

The HS programme will harness the potential that change holds and bring together brilliant minds with a singular focus: solving the world’s-most-pressing healthcare challenges with technology.

“Impact comes from scale and we want to build UK health companies that scale internationally, to impact patients around the world and make the UK a hub of excellence for health-tech.”

Dr Young is a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon by training. During medical school, he built and sold his first company before going on to found an award-winning medical education and publishing company. His latest company, Virti, is an immersive video training platform based in Silicon Valley and London.

Dr James Somauroo, his co-founder and chief product officer, has most recently led the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator - a £3.4m project in partnership with NHS organisations, healthcare charities, MedCity, and the EU Regional Development Fund; providing market access to the NHS for high-potential healthcare businesses. He was also previously an Innovation Fellow for NHS England.

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