'Innovation in Today’s Healthcare Space is Vital'

19 May 2017

DIGITAL HEALTH Now has never been a better time for digital healthcare innovation, but there are still some challenges which need to be faced, says Yinka Makinde, Programme Director at DigitalHealth.London.

“It’s no surprise that the demand for healthcare is outstripping our ability to supply services, forcing us to look at new models of care and ways to deliver them,” says Makinde. “We need technology to help improve the way we communicate, whether that’s healthcare professional to patient, patient to patient, or healthcare professional to healthcare professional.

“There’s a big push now in the NHS around ‘channel shifting’. With a large demand on A&E and GP practices, we’re running out of doctors and we are not going to be producing enough GPs over the next 10 years to be able to support the system.

“So, there’s a huge drive to channel shift to other healthcare professionals, like community-based nurses, pharmacists, etc. What this means is that some of the ongoing monitoring required for patients with long-term conditions will be conducted in other places – such as patient’s homes – and technology can enable that to happen.”

However, while the ability for organisations to innovate in today’s digital healthcare space is vital, implementing new ideas can be challenging.

“There are hundreds of ideas, technologies and apps out there,” says Makinde, “but many aren’t addressing the real needs in the system. Part of our role at DigitalHealth.London is to help that process, to scout for or sign post to digital solutions that the health and care system, patients and the public can benefit from.

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