Renfrew Design Revolutionary Wheelchair for NHS

04 February 2013

Renfrew Group has been awarded a contract by NHS National Innovation Centre (NIC) to develop an innovative, children's wheelchair design solution to promote independence for disabled children and young adults.

Renfrew won the tender following a competition announcement by the NIC for interested parties with design and engineering capabilities to develop the next stage of the Chair 4 Life paediatric wheelchair initiative.

Following a clear statement of clinical need from parents, carers, users and health professionals for a new paediatric powered wheelchair design specification that meets a growing child's needs, the NIC commissioned "Chair 4Life" in 2009, aiming to revolutionize the design of wheelchairs to appeal and promote independence among young patients.

Renfrew Group design and technology innovators will bring their automotive and consumer product design talents to tackle the problem head on and propose a novel approach, which could radically improve the lives of many.

The completion of the tender will see the prototypes unveiled at the NHS Innovation Expo at London's Excel on 13th and 14th March 2013.

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