Stroke Patients Monitored by Video Games

25 May 2012

With support from the Wellcome Trust & Department of Health, video games and new medical devices are set to transform treatments on the NHS.

Through the Health Innovation challenge Fund, which was set up in 2009 to stimulate the delivery of products and interventions within a five-year time frame, the experimental technologies are currently being developed.

Professor Jayne Eyre of Newcastle University has developed a system which, with support from the fund, can help therapists to monitor patient’s arm rehabilitation and recovery after suffering a stroke by using video games that can be played at home. The aim is to enable the therapist to track a patients’ recovery and adjust therapy programmes by assessing progress made against the patients recorded movement.

Following collection of the required data from patients playing the games, the team anticipate that the full package will be available to therapists within two years.

Professor Eyre commented, “We hope that enabling therapists to monitor their patients’ progress remotely will improve compliance with home based therapy programmes, speed up recoveries and free up valuable clinic time. Ultimately, therapists will be able to supervise more patients and patients should regain greater independence.”

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