VaiNet: A Wireless Technology that Rises Above Crowded Frequencies

19 May 2017

In this webinar Medilink member Vaisala discuss how advances in wireless technologies are changing the way environments are monitored, especially in regulated environments.  They also introduce Vaisala's new VaiNet wireless technology, available spring 2017.

The Internet of Things has allowed the development of wireless technologies that ensure reliable, long-range signal strength. These new technologies are allowing industries to use wireless data loggers without the typical issues of wireless connections: intermittent connections, lost data, and security risks; even in regulated environments where data integrity is crucial.

In this 1-hour webinar we discuss recent advances in wireless technologies that are changing the way environments are monitored, specifically in temperature and humidity monitoring applications. The webinar includes the lively Question & Answer period and covers key differences between types of wireless and Wi-Fi monitoring systems, reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of each.  We promise your IT support will be impressed with your knowledge of wireless technology after this webinar!

Vaisala’s new VaiNet wireless system uses new wireless technologies to provide the flexibility and freedom of wireless with levels of security and reliability normally associated with trusted wired connections. Along with the ability to reliably send signals for over 100m without signal boosters, the VaiNet system features a self-healing low-frequency network of temperature and humidity data loggers. The system’s simple topology, autonomous devices, and minimal infrastructure create a resilient and reliable monitoring system.

To watch the webinar or to view the presentation slides please click here.