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  • Researched and written in April 2011, this report is a great starting point for companies interested in exploring this market, as it outlines the market for cardiovascular devices and cardiovascular imaging including the technologies used and the key companies. The focus is clearly on the United Kingdom, but references to the global market are often made to establish relevance and for true market perspective.
  • Researched and written in October 2010, this report aims to provide the background analysis necessary to enable key decisions to be made regarding the entry into the orthopaedic market within the UK health service. This project is the first stage of a planning process designed to offer choices for focused investigation and perusal.
  • People new to the healthcare market, and even those who have worked in it for years, often find themselves in a meeting with one or more acronym bantered about that are new and/or confusing. This handy guide is not an exhaustive list, but it covers the basics that everyone needs to know, and probably explains a few that you haven't even heard, yet.
  • It is not just retail businesses and large corporate brands that have seen the need to create a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile and a Twitter feed – and you can be sure medical buyers and clinical commissioning groups are doing research online. Do you how your health technology business should be using social media?
  • In the early 21st century, community concern about healthcare-acquired infection has been second only to terrorism. What is the NHS doing to adopt a new way of keeping the environment clean, and patients healthy?