MPD Partners

MPD Partners Intro

GSK in co-operation with a leading group of employers from the biotechnology, medical technology, consumer healthcare, chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors have developed the SIP model and its initial priority programmes.

Cogent, the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) and Medilink UK, the national health technology business support organisation, will together assist the UK medical technology sector within the proposed SIP.

  • Cogent Skills

    Cogent Skills is the UK's strategic body for skills in the science industries, led by sector employers. Cogent Skills supports science industry employers to attract, retain and develop people who can contribute to business success. They offer a variety of services from recruiting new talent to businesses via industrial placements and Apprenticeships, to developing your existing workforce through training courses and skills benchmarking.

  • Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI)

    The Association of British healthcare Industries (ABHI) is the industry association for medical technology sector in the UK. ABHI's mission is to champion the benefits and use of safe and effective medical technologies to deliver high quality patient outcomes.

  • Science Industry Partnership (SIP)

    The Science Industry Partnership (SIP) is a skills programme led by employers for whom science and technology is critical to success. Led by employers, the Science Industry Partnership will provide a new skills system for the Science Industries. It will deliver the skills businesses need, promote collaboration and provide a simple interface for employers, providers and learners.