Health Data Research UK to lead 10,000 Black Interns Health Data Science Programme

02 November 2020

The 100 Black Interns programme, initially aimed at the investment management sector, has launched its new initiative, 10,000 Black Interns, with HDR UK leading the programme for the health data science sector. This ambitious project aims to transform the potential prospects of young Black people in the UK by offering them internships within an extensive range of industries and sectors.  

HDR UK is proud to be supporting this initiative from within the health data science community alongside the ten other sectors currently signed up. It will offer, through partner organisations, internships for young Black people across the UK covering a wide spectrum of organisations, from charities to biobanks, in order to make the internships as accessible for as large a group as possible. Internships will run across the summer of 2021.

Many reasons for starting this programme now

  • Black data scientists are currently very under-represented within the health data science community.
  • In HDR UK’s recent Statement-on-anti-black-discrimination we stated that we would developed focused actions to improve diversity and inclusion of datasets for research and innovation and of people in the HDR UK community. We are keen to show tangible actions now.
  • Health data research during the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the infection, susceptibility, hospitalisation and mortality impacts of the disease for different ethnic groups – and we want to create opportunities for those groups be involved in this work.
  • It provides an opportunity to show the Alliance organisations working together on people development, building on the great start the Alliance is making around enhancing diversity of data
  • It showcases the extraordinary variety and breadth of data activities across the Alliance organisations – different diseases (from Cancer to Cystic Fibrosis), different organisations (Mental Health Trusts to Biobanks), and different parts of the country (all four nations).
  • It also positions health data research as an exciting career, attracting great talent, and providing the UK with a significant competitive advantage in the future.

How will it work?

  • The programme will be 6-week duration during summer 2021.
  • 1-2 interns per organisation (so that it is not an onerous commitment for any single organisation). We’re aiming to have c.30 Black Interns in health data research in summer 2021
  • Targeted at: Either people in their final year or about to commence their final year at university (undergraduate or graduate) and so this may present an opportunity for a graduate job or, people who are already working in a relevant field and are keen to transition into health data science and so this may present them with a taster prior to pursuing a career path in this field
  • Host organisations would conduct the interviews and employ the interns
  • Internships would be paid at a minimum of £10.75 per hour
  • HDR UK would coordinate the advertising for the programme and manage the coordination and selection process
  • Over the summer we would hold weekly 0.5 day cohort learning sessions to build skills and relationships across the cohort. This would be organised by HDR UK, but with delivery support from different host organisations (eg different organisations could host and run different weeks)

The application process will be formally launched at the Alliance Symposium event on 1 December 2020, with information on how to apply also available that day. 

If you would like to sign up to the event, please click here.