Medilink UK - Supporting the Life Science Industry Accredited Credentialing Register (LSI)

25 April 2019

In collaboration with the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS), a group of Industry Associations has developed the UK’s first fully accredited register for Life Science industry staff who interact with NHS front-line staff and patients, helping to reassure and give confidence to those groups when working with the certified individual and their company.

Medilink UK is one of the industry associations involved in creating this accredited mechanism for hospital trusts to use to confirm the identity, credentials and training status of industry individuals that visit their sites.

Industry, the AHCS and the NHS have worked together on the key elements and training requirements of the scheme and this is the only register that meets the Professional Standards Authority’s standards for governance, education and training, management complainants handling and risk management. It sets national standards for healthcare professionals working in life sciences and already has over 1000 individuals going through the registration process. University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust will be the first trust to implement LSI as their sole register and method of accreditation, from July 2019 onwards.

The initial development of the LSI Register was funded by the life science industry associations - including Medilink UK - and is now being run by AHCS on a not for profit basis.

Dr Darren Clark, a Director of Medilink Midlands, is a member of the registration council, which oversees the operation and ongoing governance of the LSI Register.

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