MHRA Website Moving To GOV.UK

25 April 2014

The MHRA is one of hundreds of government websites moving to GOV.UK over the next few months.

You can find out more about GOV.UK on their website.

GOV.UK looks very different from the current MHRA website. To help you find your way around, MHRA will let you see the information on GOV.UK before they move by providing you advice on specific pages on the current website.

They will also show you how to access topic areas relevant to you all in one place.

Not everything will move to GOV.UK, there are some pages that will not move.  This may be because users no longer use the information, or is now only a historical document that will not require updates. In those cases, MHRA are going to show users a notice that tells them what has happened to the page, and offers them a link to a copy of that page on the National Archives website. In some cases they might also show users a suggested link to another website that meets the user need represented by the old page, such as NHS Choices for patient-facing information.

You won’t need to do anything or worry about information being lost – to find out more click here.