Now BMA Wades into Care.Data Debate to Demand Opt-In Only

07 July 2014

The row over NHS England's big data programme - - refuses to die down after the British Medical Association waded into the debate by demanding the scheme be explicitly opt-in only when it is rolled out.

During the BMA’s annual representative meeting last week, the majority of attendees voted in favour of being an opt-in programme, rather the original opt-out model suggested by NHS England.

One speaker who was encouraging attendees to vote for to be opt-in said: “ is very different from organ donation, this is about confidentiality.” Meanwhile, another noted that doctors must listen to what patients want following the furore over the last six months.

The BMA call follows concerns expressed by Tesco Clubcard guru Clive Humby and privacy group MedConfidentia over the programme.

NHS England is currently running a trial of in up to 500 GP practices and will wait to see the results before any decision is made to roll it out nationwide.

The U-turn followed a disastrous marketing campaign launched earlier this year which failed to raise awareness of the scheme among consumers. NHS England has since peldged to invest heavily in a new campaign if and when it decides to expand the programme to the whole country.

Article from dataIQ