Scheme encourages firms to invest in employee wellbeing

04 April 2019

A new workplace health and wellbeing initiative targeting businesses across the West Midlands is set to launch this summer.

The ‘Workplace Wellbeing Challenge’ is a fun and inclusive opportunity for companies across the region to invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Research indicates an average of 5.31 sick days are taken per person every year, costing businesses in excess of £14.9 billion.

With the concept of employee wellbeing becoming more relevant than ever for both small and large businesses, ‘The Workplace Wellbeing Challenge’ provides an opportunity for businesses to showcase their commitment.

The programme is a partnership between Sport Birmingham and Kaido.

It runs from the end of May for six weeks, culminating in a ‘Wellbeing Champion’ event to celebrate the achievements of employees and support employers in creating a future wellbeing strategy at their business.

Kaido’s digital behaviour change programme focuses on improving an employees’ physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Individually, or as part of self-selected teams, employees earn Kaido Points for positive improvements they make in their physical activity, nutrition, sleep and mental health.

These points fuel their progress along a virtual journey, unlocking milestones and rewards.

As the challenge progresses they are signposted to relevant health and wellbeing resources and activities to support them in building long term and sustainable healthy habits.

Every business receives a post-challenge engagement report and is invited to a half-day Wellbeing Champion seminar where they will receive their ‘Investors in Wellbeing’ certification and challenge trophies.

Read the full article published by the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce here.

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