What could a £7,500 Innovation Grant do for your business?

20 October 2020

MedTech Navigator – Innovation Grants
Next Deadline for applications: 27th November 2020 – 12 Noon

What could a £7,500 Innovation Grant do for your business? Having access to the right knowledge and expertise is an essential part of successfully developing and commercialising new products and services for the health and care market. Key stakeholders need to be involved with medical product development, such as the beneficiary (patient), user (clinician), and buyer (NHS organisation), who often have different interests and requirements.

The MedTech NAVIGATOR Innovation Grants are designed to facilitate such bespoke interactions between SMEs and eligible Knowledge Providers, such as an NHS Trust, or a University, during the product development process. Each Innovation Grant (up to £7,500) is worth 50% of the total project costs up to a maximum of £15,000. Your business must pay the remaining 50% and any project costs over and above the £15,000 cap.

To find out more and apply before the next deadline on Friday 27th November please visit Funding page here